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Your free 1-day pass to any participating co-working space.
Want to try out a co-working space before subscribing a membership plan? Thinkclash partnered with some great co-working spaces in town and now proudly presents our Co-work Trial Pass!

How it works

By registering online, you will get the Co-work Trial pass for free.

  • Register and pick a co-working space of your choice.
  • Receive your confirmation and coworking day pass by email.
  • Show the confirmation to the staff. Explore the space that best fits you and your team!
Co-working spaces
Pick any co-working spaces listed below:
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loved by digital entrepreneurs.
Kwun TongLocationDigital MediaTheme24h AccessCo-established by Tencent Open Platform, K11, and VS MEDIA, Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong) is the first overseas establishment of China’s leading startup community and entrepreneurial ecosystem. This creative hub focuses on the digital entertainment industry, providing entrepreneurs with a gateway to China, industry knowledge, networking opportunities, resources, funding, specialized production facilities, and access to a regional community of creative minds.
A passionate global Incubator
Kwun TongLocationTechTheme24h AccessTuspark, standing for Tsinghua University Science Park,is an international business incubator where multicultural tech startup founders were grown together. 
Terms & Conditions
  1. The pass is for hot-desk day pass only.
  2. Transfer of ownership of the pass is prohibited.
  3. Availability may subject to the particular condition of the coworking spaces.
  4. The pass only valids on the visiting date picked by the registree.
  5. Users can get a new pass if the current pass has expired. However, using the new pass for re-visiting the same coworking spaces is not allowed.
  6. All rightes reserved by Thinkclash Limited.
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