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About Thinkclash

We believe a new Entrepreneurial Era has arrived. With technological advancements and social development, becoming an entrepreneur has become a prevalence. Arising from the surging trend is an unprecedentedly large demand for start-up resources. We know that everyone may have an entrepreneurial dream, but not necessarily possess the need to kickstart a new business. i.e. Mentors, teammates, services providers, etc.

Founded in October 2017 by three passionate young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, Thinkclash cultivates the sharing of inspirations, bridging those who share the same passion and thought, and facilitate people in pursuing their entrepreneurial career. We position ourselves as an online community and marketplace for entrepreneurs.

– Wilson Sung, CEO & Co-founder

We endeavor to take a big step in bringing the world to an efficient and collaborative “Entrepreneurial Era”, inspiring and facilitating people in the pursuit of entrepreneurial career and lifestyle.
To facilitate the growth of business inspirations for every entrepreneur in the world.
Our Values
Access to service providers
Reach out to services providers to kickstart your businesses.
Knowledge sharing
Ask questions, receive comments and advices from other users. Acquire experiences shared by services providers, mentors and investors.
Direct online communication
Seek for and communicate with members, mentors or investors through our chatting function.
Pitching of business
Create profiles for reaching out to clients and investors.
Leads and awareness
Generate potential leads and boost company awareness. Fully reached by targeted start-ups/ investors online.
Exclusive marketing channel
Post ads to our platform and social media channels and get connected to your targeted groups.
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